MacDonald Farm

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Titan Saving Time and Employee of the Month: Redux
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Teen Titans teleported to the MacDonald Farm after 3 am when Daylight Saving Time started. Everyone except Robin suspected a dirty farmer kidnapped Two O'Clock to get revenge for everyone eating their vegetables. Based on her knowledge of agrarian lifestyles, Starfire posited Two was being held captive in the corn fields. They sneaked through the henhouse but Beast Boy stepped on an egg. He turned into a hen while the others hid under the nests near him. The rooster was fooled by Beast Boy's ruse. They contiued to through the pig pen. A pig farted in Cyborg's face but he forced himself to stay quiet. They sneaked around the cows but Robin became paralyzed by the sight of some udders. Starfire grabbed the cow's bell then pulled Robin free. They found Two in the center of the field tied to a pole. About to leave, Beast Boy made a mistake and grabbed an ear of corn. Old MacDonald arrived and threw his pitch fork, taking back Two. He admitted the Titans' theory was correct and slammed his pitch fork to the ground.

All of the farm's animals powered up and battled the Titans but they were handily defeated. MacDonald summoned Bingo to destroy the Titans. Luckily, it was sunrise. Daylight pierced the clouds and defeated MacDonald and Bingo then flew off with Two. Robin apologized for thinking their theory was so stupid. MacDonald's farm was later targeted by The Source's collector ship for his cows. The Titans hid in a decoy cow, dubbed Cy-Cow, in an effort to take down the ship after two failed attempts that week. It grabbed the Cy-Cow but managed to speed off and lose the Titans.