Land of Last Minute Valentine's Gifts

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: How 'Bout Some Effort
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Land of Last Minute Valentine's Gifts is a mystical realm where people go to in order to salvage their ruined Valentine's Day. They must gather the three magic cliched objects of love - a flower, box of chocolates, and teddy bear - while displaying the virtues of thoughtfulness, effort and sacrifice. Cyborg needed to repair his relationship with Jinx and went there alone. He got a ride from a handsome gondola man to the flower and showed thoughtfulness by telling the flower about how great she looked. He went searched amid endless piles of boxes of chocolates for the one that would win Jinx's love. The others would be literal ticking time bombs. He sighted it and jumped from pile to pile as boxes detonated. He almost reached it but the pile blew up and he fell to his doom. The box of chocolates neatly fell on his chest. Lastly, he went into a cave and found a teddy bear. It appeared cute and adorable at first, but it revealed itself a scary and vicious monster then attacked. Cyborg lost his left arm in the battle but managed to blast it with his arm cannon. Cyborg returned from the realm at 11: 59 pm and showered Jinx in the three gifts. Cyborg and Jinx were okay again.