Jump City Cinemas 12

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Beast Man, Orangins, Kabooms Pt: 1, and Kabooms Pt:2
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jump City Cinemas 12 is a movie theater in Jump City. The Teen Titans eagerly waited in line to purchase tickets for Death Toilet 3 but Raven pointed out it was rated Mature for adults 45 and over. They went home and sulked but discovered Beast Boy could turn into a man. They returned to the theater and saw Death Toilet 3. In her fake origin story, Starfire claimed to have left Jump City Cinemas 12 with her two kittens after watching "Top Dudes" then took a shortcut through a grimy alley. A bulldog chased away the kittens. Starfire claimed to vow to protect the good kitties of the city. Robin pointed out that was Batman's origin but with cats and dogs.

Robin wanted to go to the movies but not by himself so he made up a team building exercise. Robin chose "Babies vs. Dogs The Movie" but all he had to do was promise explosions and the other Titans agreed it. They didn't go to the snack bar but Cyborg made a mega-sized soda for Beast Boy, a hot dog with mustard for Starfire, and blasted a ton of malt balls into Raven's mouth. Robin started to give them exposition about why he liked going to the theaters but the other Titans found it boring and didn't care. A trailer for "Death Toilet 4" was shown then the movie. The action excited them but towards the end, only Robin was into the exposition about Baby Jack and Growler's back stories. Raven used her magic and teleported the Titans into the movie to save it from being boring. Upon exiting the cinemas, they decided to make their own movie and raced back to the Titans Tower in the T-Car.