Deserted Island

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Coconut Cream Pie, Pure Protein, Open Door Policy, Crazy Desire Island, and The Titans Show
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Teen Titans partied on their Titans Yacht but it got wrecked by a monster wave. They found themselves stranded on a deserted island. For some reason, Raven and Starfire were unable to leave the island with their powers. Robin speculated it was because of some mysterious Bermuda Triangle thing. There also happened to be three sea monsters circling the island. They built themselves a makeshift Titans Tower. Robin ran some calculations and determined the island had enough raw materials for them to construct an escape vehicle but they lacked fuel. While picking bamboo, Beast Boy discovered a barrel of rocket fuel. He took it back to the tower but failed to see a sign stating the area was a dumping ground for unstable fuel. Luckily, Beast Boy mistook the launch button for a lunch button and pushed it. The Titans were spared certain death as the rocket exploded in mid-flight but they were still stranded. The Titans were subjected to island survival challenges and split into two teams while Robin served as the host.

The first challenge was to eat bugs but they all refused and Beast Boy made some coconut curry but Robin launched it out to sea. The second challenge was to make clothing from their surroundings. Cyborg proposed an island fashion show. Robin was irritated and went nude to properly demonstrate the challenge. He then bathed in mud for sun protection but picked up leeches then mosquitos. The third challenge was to vote someone off the island. They all voted for Robin but he ruled the voting was inconclusive and tampered with. The Titans refused to do more challenges on account they mastered surviving. Robin skipped to the last challenge and they were soon stalked by an alien hunter who collected the skulls of his prey as trophies. Robin emphasized scattering and letting the alien pick them off until he was only left standing. The Titans won him over with coconut curry and a palm frond cape then invited him to survive island style. The alien hunter enjoyed his time playing volleyball, making sand castles and sun tanning. Sadly, he had to leave. Beast Boy gave him some coconut curry for the road. Hunter cried and said bye to them.

The Titans reached the breaking point with eating only coconuts and went to the other side of the island they never explored. They discovered a bunch of potatoes and dinosaurs. After gorging on all the potatoes, they speculated on the existence of the dinosaurs then agreed to make them their pets. Naturally, they started arguing about which was the best and decided to make them fight each other to decide definitively. They made remarkably advanced battle armor from the resources on the island then outfitted their dinosaurs. The dinosaurs soon rebelled. Robin led the Titans into a hut confident they were too dumb to open an unlocked door. The velociraptor opened the door and the Tyrannosaurus Rex grabbed the Titans then they were beaten up. Robin tried next to teach the others magical life lessons so they would learn that wishes have an unexpected downside and you should be happy with what you already have. But the Titans learned nothing. Raven wished to leave the island and go back home but in less than a minute she hated it and wanted to go back. Just as Starfire was admitted her love for Robin, Raven canceled the wish and ejected him from the wish.

While Robin loved it on the island, the other Titans ran out of things to do and wanted to leave. They constructed a hang glider but flew over the island's volcano just as it erupted. Cyborg made a raft next but it sprang a leak and sank then they were eaten by sharks. They tried a catapult but landed in a Tyrannosaurus Rex's mouth. Robin tried to remind them of their island adventures but it slipped out the island was fake. Cyborg eventually sighted a hatch in the sky. They entered a room of monitors and discovered Control Freak kidnapped them, erased their memories and placed them on a fake desert island because he was tired of them doing the same thing over and over. The Titans demanded to be freed and was forced to fight his audience, all of their greatest enemies.