CN City

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (OK K.O.!): Crossover Nexus
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

CN City was once a great city of heroes but a villain named Strike arrived and stole everyone's powers. Soon, the city fell into ruin. Strike was still power hungry and started summoning heroes from other dimensions to destroy. The defeated heroes, petrified like stone, were stored in a building. Strike summoned Garnet of the Crystal Gems and Ben Tennyson to CN City but they dodged his attacks. He summoned another to obliterate, K.O. from Lakewood Plaza Turbo. Garnet grabbed K.O. and retreated with Tennyson into an alley. Strike's Pen managed to steal Tennyson's Omnitrix then used a spin attack to bury the heroes in debris but Four Arms held up a section of building. Garnet threw her sunglasses and deflected Pen's blast back at it, sacrificing the glasses in the process. They ran off and took refuge in the building where the defeated heroes happened to be stored in. They encountered Raven, who was bound and managed to protect herself with a spell before she was x'ed. They elected to try and surprise Strike at his giant fortress just past the impassable chasm.

The heroes discovered the chasm was lined with tons of piranha traps created by Pen. They clung to Raven's legs as she flew to the fortress. The piranha noticed them and attacked. K.O. and Garnet punched what they could but the majority of piranha formed a wall. Garnet took off and cleared a path with her giant gauntlet punch. Pen pinned them and Strike powered up to focus his dark magic into a fatal blow. K.O. realized the Pen could create and destroy. He hit it with a power fist and grabbed it, switched the tab to Create, and restored Tennyson, Garnet, and Raven's powers. They vanquished Strike together. Garnet reprogrammed Pen to make CN City as good as new again. Raven generated portals and the heroes went back to their home dimensions.