Titan Sleigh

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Teen Titans Save Christmas
Powers/Skills: Transportation and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

When the Teen Titans decided to save Christmas after Santa Claus quit as part of ruse, Cyborg was charged with engineering a sleigh. The Titan Sleigh was born. It is equipped with twin turbo engine powered by a nuclear fusion reactor and can travel twice the speed of sound. It also has a battle stations that come off the sides of the sleigh and fire energy bursts. It also has a lowering arm to mitigate the dangers of jumping from the sleigh onto a roof. It also has Cyborg's trademark shablamo tool. Unable to get down the chimney, Robin was hammered by the shablamo repeatedly. Santa got wind of the Titans' plan and attacked. Rudolph fired his laser blasts and took out engine one. Starfire and Raven manned the battle stations and blew up Santa's rocket. The explosion took out both sleighs and they crashed. Santa blew up the remains of the Titan Sleigh with a bazooka before they recover the bag of presents.