Time Machine

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Staring at the Future, Money Grandma, Sandwich Thief, Garage Sale, Operation Dude Rescue: Part One, Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two, Think About Your Future, Labor Day, The Chaff, and Had To Be There
Powers/Skills: Time Travel
Voiced By: Not Applicable

30 years into a possible future, Cyborg and Beast Boy quickly devised a time machine so they could go back and change the past in order to alter the future. Nightwing, Queen Starfire, and Raven tried to stop them but the device was completed and used. Raven later used another time machine to bring George Washington from 1776 to the present. Robin later used it to take Washington's place. The latter model was used to go to the future and interrogate Nightwing about the theft of Robin's perfect sandwich. The Time Machine was kept in the Titans Tower attic.

Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy went after the Brain out of chivalry and left Raven and Starfire at the Titans Tower. They entered the Brain's Fortress and were immediately captured by the Brain and his Robot Guards. While imprisoned, Robin came up with a plan. He believed if they got old enough, the Brain would let them go on account old people were depressing and gross. Their old selves would find a time machine and go back in time to free their younger selves. Robin's plan actually happened and a time machine appeared outside the cell. The older Titans emerged but were caught after the senior Robin set off the alarm. Robin kept coming up with time machine plans and they kept happening (and failing) from their ghosts, their animal reincarnations, French counterparts, Robot counterparts, Bizarro counterparts, and cavemen counterparts. The elder Titans returend to the present in a Time Machine to instruct their younger counterparts on how to eat healthy and save money in order to ensure a better future for themselves.

On the way to the beach on Labor Day, the T-Car ran out of gasoline. Robin convinced the Titans they could make their own. After a dig failed to yield any, Robin got an idea. He told Beast Boy to change into a dinosaur and Cyborg to build a time machine. Robin teleported with Beast Boy 65 million years and 2 minutes into the past. He punted Beast Boy out then teleported back to the present. He took out his staff and smashed the time machine to pieces. He got out a pick axe and struck Beast Boy oil. Beast Boy changed back to normal and the Titans refined their crude oil into gas. Brother Blood was on the brink of flooding all of Jump City with mind-control gas but the Titans jumped into their Time Machine and went back one minute to stop him before he released the gas. Eager to help Bumblebee fit in with the team, Beast Boy got an idea to insert her into their old memories. The others agreed and Cyborg summoned the Time Machine by tapping his left wrist. Bumblebee wasn't sure about messing with their memories just so she didn't feel slightly out of place.

They went to February 5, 2014 first to relive the Waffles song but Bumblebee ruined it by changing it up to be funny and shouting "Pancake!" instead. They went to February 26, 2015 next so she could get serious, too. When she scrunched real heard, she got a messed up ugly face instead of serious form like the others. Robin told her to scrunch harder. She turned into a giant bee. Cyborg assured her she couldn't ruin the next memory. They took the time machine to August 1, 2017 for "The Night Begins to Shine." She looked rad, too, but she hopped and Cyborg lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into the others. They returned to the present in 2019 with new memories of Bumblebee messing up.