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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Labor Day
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

On the way to the beach on Labor Day, Beast Boy admitted he neglected to bring the tortilla chips. Robin convinced everyone that they could make their own. They went to a farm and planted corn and wheat then harvested it. Robin ordered Beast Boy to mix the corn and wheat with water and lime to make masa dough. Beast Boy needed more lime but their distributor was on strike over labor disputes. Cyborg found a crate that "fell off the truck". The dough was heated up then Starfire and Raven tossed it onto a conveyor belt. Cyborg used his arm's blow dryer function on the dough then Raven conjured two fists to beat it in the vat. The dough was strained into sheets. Starfire pulled a lever and stamped them into T shapes. They were put on trays then placed in ovens. Beast Boy eventually gave up on trying to eat one on the sly.

Robin demanded the Titans design the package for the T-Chips. Cyborg presented a shark wearing sunglasses and a crown. Robin crumpled the design into a ball. Starfire presented a cat design. He tore it in half. Raven presented a scary design. Robin torched it with a flame thrower. Beast Boy presented a design featuring the Titans. Robin was intrigued. The bag ended up bearing Robin's face. He refused to let Beast Boy or anyone eat any until they got to the beach. That never came to pass.