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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Driver's Ed, Dude Relax, La Larva De Amor, Super Robin, Meatball Party, Burger vs. Burrito, Little Buddies, Mas y Menos, Real Magic, I See You, Road Trip, Robin Backwards, Let's Get Serious, Rocks and Water, Video Game References (Simulation), More of the Same, A Cat's Fancy, Croissant, The Cruel Giggling Ghoul, Wally T, History Lesson, Halloween v Christmas, Booby Trap House, Movie Night, Chapter 2: The Story in Your Eyes, Labor Day, TV Knight 2, Throne of Bones, Kabooms Pt: 2, Tower Renovation, Them Soviet Boys, Stockton, CA!, Butt Atoms, Teen Titans Vroom Pt. 1, Teen Titans Roar!, Beast Boy On A Shelf, Walk Away, and Egg Hunt
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The T-Car is the primary mode of transportation of the Teen Titans. It was built by Cyborg using his own technology as a template. While chasing after Robin and his crooked driving instructor, Ed, the Titans barely kept up in the T-Car. Eventually, it blew up. Cyborg once turned it into a stretch limo with a pool but Raven hated it.

Cyborg began tinkering and tweaking the T-Car and improved on the previous model. Intrigued by the new car smell, the other Titans found the car. As Cyborg fawned over it, he proclaimed they should go on a road trip so they can learn to love the car as much as he did. It didn't go as planned but the Titans did manage to prank H.I.V.E. a few times then forced them to crash during a deadly pursuit by having Raven barf out the window at them. A simulation of the T-Car appeared in the Pie Hunter game used by Robin to train Cyborg in virtual reality. One January, it was towed near the Barter Town store. After booby trapping the tower, Starfire and Cyborg mistook the returning Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy as monsters and detonated a bee hive in the elevator then lured them into the other traps. After falling in a kiddie pool and being zapped by electric eels and being mashed in a spike lined set of crushers, the old T-Car fell on Raven in a hall.

After Cyborg was stranded in another dimension, the Titans' attempts to gain access failed. Beast Boy left to find himself. While driving in the T-Car, Beast Boy crashed into a protruding boulder after a bird sent by Cyborg crossed dimensions and dove into the windshield. A tow truck driver named Billy stopped and offered his help. He towed it back to his shop, 3 State Auto Repair, and started work on the car. After watching "Babies vs. Dogs The Movie" at Jump City Cinemas 12, the Titans wanted to make their own movie. They drove off and crashed the T-Car through the glass pane fronting the living room and hopped out. To deal with heavy traffic heading downtown, Cyborg switched the T-Car into a monster truck form then smashed up all vehicles in its way and firing a cannon as well. They recklessly drove into Dead Eye Pizza to cut in line then drove into the Titans Tower then drove inside various landmarks they ruined in previous battles like Jump City Stadium and Chemical Bear. They later dealed with Jump City's population crash by going to Stockton.

During a toot-enanny, Starfire popped up from under the hood and attacked Cyborg with a "Transmission Emission" toot. The Titans raced to the Jump City Animal Refuge to stop Dr. Military. Raven thought they should be more careful since it was raining hard. Cyborg refused to slow down because of the ducks being kidnapped. She told him to watch out for the lightning. It struck a boulder and it rolled down towards them. She told him to watch out for the Top Secret Government Science Facility. They crashed into the building. She told him to watch out for the top secret science experiment. They got hit by a laser. The T-Car was vaporized but they survived. They transformed into cars. Robin realized the laser must have combined their molecules with the T-Car's and led to their new ability. The Titans cosplayed as ThunderCats in anticipation of the premiere of the new cartoon. Even the T-Car was dressed up to resemble the Feliner.

The Titans monitored Kringle Manor in the T-Car while Beast Boy infiltrated the home to take incriminating pictures of Santa Claus illegally assigning children to the naughty list. During a full moon, Plasmus rampaged through the city. He pounded the roof of the Jump City Bank repeatedly. He heard a weird honk and saw the T-Car. He pointed at himself in confusion. The Titans poured out and engaged Plasmus in battle but nothing worked. Beast Boy started up the T-Car and gunned it. A rocket raised up from the roof. Plasmus was dumbstruck. Beast Boy drove into Plasmus' chest and blew him up. The T-Car was in pieces. Cyborg ran to it, threw Beast Boy out, and consoled the remnants of the car. A tire fell off. Starfire recalled they just paid it off yesterday. Robin saw it as an excuse to buy a "new" car. One Easter, Robin drove up to the concealed Batcave identification authorization panel in the T-Car. He answered it was "Batman's favorite Robin." The computer greeted Jason Todd to his frustration. He drove through the boulder into the Batcave.