Takayama 3000

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Employee of the Month: Redux
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Takayama 3000 is the sweetest moped ever built. Beast Boy saw it on the cover of "Moped Life" and wanted one after he discovered his animal forms weren't fast enough against an alien spaceship. Cyborg was too busy to build one and the other Titans didn't want to lend him money. Raven suggested he get a job. Despite being a vegetarian, Beast Boy took a job at Mega Meaty Meat because the employee of the month award was a Takayama 3000. After it was revealed, Meaty Meat was a front for the alien mother ship, Beast Boy grabbed the alien leader, The Source, and drove off to Jump City on the Takayama. He discovered the other Titans were captured by collector ships. He activated the moped's rocket thrusters and hoverjet and pursued. A saw blade appeared out of the right thruster and sliced the ship carrying Robin in half. Beast Boy fired the moped's laser blaster and blew up with ships with Starfire and Cyborg. He then sped past the last ship, fired his headlight (really a grenade), and grabbed Raven. He set after the mother ship but it left the planet and prepared to fire its doomsday cannon to destroy Earth. Beast Boy fired the moped's rocket launcher and blew the mother ship up.