Sandwich of Power

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Legendary Sandwich and Garage Sale
Powers/Skills: Immortality
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ages ago, a king ordered the Sandwich Wizard to create a Sandwich of Power that would grant him eternal life so he could rule his kingdom forever. The king soon caught his son the prince trying to steal it. The king realized the sandwich could be misused for evil and decided to break up into its four ingredients and hide them in the four corners of the world. The Mystical Bacon was hidden on Lava Lake, the King's Lettuce was placed underground, the Stellar Tomato ended up hidden among the stars, and the Pretzel Bread was lost but became widely available at supermarkets. The first three were fiercely guarded by the Sandwich Guardians.

In order to get the other Teen Titans out of the Titans Tower, Raven told them about the legend of the Ancient Sandwich. Like she predicted, they raced off to find the ingredients and she could enjoy her favorite show "Pretty Pretty Pegasus" in peace. She was surprised the legend was real when everyone returned with battle scars and the ingredients. Raven spoke the Ancient Sandwich Words of Power to combine the ingredients properly. However, Silkie ate the whole thing while the Titans argued who should get the first bite. Silkie was temporarily granted immortality but he barfed up the sandwich and lost it.

It was stored in the Titans Tower attic and purchased by a red headed woman at the Titans' garage sale. Getting rid of so much of the past stopped the flow of time. Raven took everyone to Memory Lane to retrieve the items they sold from their past. Beast Boy retrieved the Sandwich of Power before Silkie could eat it.