The Rules of Robin

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Robin Backwards
Powers/Skills: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Rules of Robin is a giant tome Robin wrote for the other Teen Titans so they could have a strict rule book to follow the rules and bring out the best in themselves. They weren't too thrilled about it. It is unknown how many rules there are but it's at least 637.

Known Rules

Rule 1 is "Follow the rules." Not following the rules has a long list of punishments that include 2 years of laundry duty, 1 year of toilet cleaning, 6 months of refridgerator cleaning, 3 months of cleaning Silkie's litter box, and 3 months of cleaning Beast Boy's litter box.

Rule 52 is "A superhero must train a minimum of three times a day." Some exercises listed are chin-ups, hurdles, wall crawl, and rope climb.

Rule 75 is "Robin is the handsome one!"

Rule 213 is "Apples to be eaten bottom to top."

Rule 345 is "Always eat healthy."

Rule 451 is "Always keep a tidy living room." Pillows must always maintain a fluffiness range of 46% to 72%. Scented candles can't be used in combination with other objects like incense or plug-ins.

Rule 569 is "In bed by 9 pm." The alarm clock should be always set to ring at 6:00 am.