Robot Dinosaurs

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Classic Titans
Powers/Skills: Flight and Laser Emission
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Teen Titans were trapped in the very first Teen Titans cartoon to prove the classics were superior to the current titles. Dr. Otto von Death constructed an army of robot dinoaurs and planned to use a dinosaur rocket to launch them all over the world and wipe out the human race not unlike what the asteroid did to the dinosaurs. Several pteradactyls with laser guns strapped to their heads attacked the Titans Tower. Robin climbed to the roof and scared them off with a stun Birdarang. The Titans went into the T-Jet and followed them to a mysterious island in uncharted waters. They entered a lair and were ambushed by the dinosaurs' creators, Dr. Otto von Death. However, upon reflection forced by the Titans' inquiries, von Death realized the plan was just part of his own desire to end his own misery. He prepared to launch the rocket but the Titans escaped their cage. von Death unleashed a robot Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Robin threw an ice Birdarang, then a fire Birdarang, then an electric Birdarang and Control Freak got irritated. Cyborg threw just a barrel at its head. Beast Boy, limited to one form, changed into donkey. Starfire fired badly depowered Starbolts at it. Control Freak realized the old superhero cartoons weren't that good. Raven summoned Baby Jack and Growler from a modern day cartoon they were watching earlier. Baby Jack beat up von Death. Growler punched out the Tyrannosaurus Rex, picked it up by the tail and slammed it around, then threw it. Von Death happened to be in its path. It crashed through a wall. Growler fired a missile launcher supplied by Baby. The missiles broke away into time bombs and latched onto the rocket. The Titans, Growler, and Baby ran out of the lair and watched as it blew up.