Robot Booty

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Chaff
Powers/Skills: Gas Emission
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Brother Blood stole advanced technology from Gotham City, Central City, Bludhaven, and Metropolis then combined it all into a giant flying robot booty designed to expel his mind-control gas. Blood was on the brink of taking all of Jump City but the Titans jumped into their Time Machine and went back one minute. They attempted to portal behind Blood but he suspected something. Eventually, he came face to face with the future Titans and didn't understand what was going on. Cyborg produced a missile launcher from his right ear, rocket from his chin, and laser cannon from left ear. The future Titans attacked Blood in unison and blew up the booty. The two teams of Titans cheered but Blood's boots landed between them, with a leg bone exposed. Past Beast Boy kicked the boot and concluded Blood was gone for good. Control Freak found two clips of the event and tried to use it to get Teen Titans Go! cancelled but failed after Beast Boy and Cyborg released a poop song.