Pizza Robot

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Ones and Zeroes
Powers/Skills: Baking, Flight, and Laser Emission
Voiced By: Greg Cipes

After four years of always eating Hawaiian-style pizza, the Teen Titans except Robin tired of it. Beast Boy suggested they invent a new kind of pizza. Robin was irritated and stated it took years of development and some real outside-the-box thinking. After they piled into a cardboard box, Beast Boy got an idea about using a computer. Raven suggested they use an artificial intelligence to make a new style of pizza. Robin warned them it was dangerous. They ignored Robin and started off with binary code. A robot dressed like a stereotypical pizza chef emerged and repeatedly told them hello. Cyborg wanted to put it through the Turing test to see if the machine could exhibit convincing human behavior. They dressed it in a yellow jacket and rubber gloves. They tested the robot with an unsuspecting Robin. Robin became suspicious when it claimed the Titans were the coolest superheroes around. Robin removed its disguise and realized it was an AI and the world was doomed. The robot asked him not to hurt it, claimed it was human but not as fit as him.

The robot then asked Robin if he lifted weights. Robin fell for it and confirmed he spent some time at the gym. Robin was convinced he was a human and left the living room. The Titans took the robot to the kitchen. Beast Boy did the honors and asked it to make a new style of pizza. It baked them a cereal pizza. The Titans were very excited and gorged on the pizza. The robot continued making more and more new styles even though the Titans were already full. Robin walked in and realized it was an AI after all. Cyborg insisted it was just making pizza. Soon enough, the robot contructed a giant planetoid-sized body and army in its likeness then ran rampant and took over the world. Cyborg still remained optimistic and noted all the pizza they had. Beast Boy decided he could go for a burrito and asked the robot to make one. It said it would after it finished making every pizza that was never made or in other words, never. Starfire declared they had to reprogram the head robot. Cyborg revealed a back door was built as a precaution.

The Titans departed the Tower in the T-Jet and flew behind the robot. The back door was a literal one. They flew inside and were pursued by four robot drones. Starfire and Raven went to the gunners and took them out. They arrived at the central terminal and fired a missile marked "2" into it to override the mainframe and disrupt the binary code. The robot suffered a critical error and was overcome by system failure. It blew up and its head drifted into space.