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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (OK K.O.!): Crossover Nexus
Powers/Skills: Summoning, Power Theft, Materialization, Levitation, and Energy Projection
Voiced By: Ian Jones-Quartey

Pen is a powerful device used by the villain Strike. After arriving at CN City, Strike used the Pen to steal the powers of heroes then he x'ed them out. Hungry for more, he used Pen to summon heroes from other dimensions. Garnet and Ben Tennyson dodged Pen's attacks and the former saved K.O. from a direct hit. Tennyson transformed into Four Arms and knocked Pen away with a piece of pavement. Garnet leaped between buildings and rapidly punched Pen but it countered with a spin attack that sliced sections of buildings off. Four Arms held up a huge section to save K.O. but Pen found them. Garnet threw her sunglasses out. It deflected Pen's blast back at it but the glasses were stolen in the process. Pen pinned the heroes after they arrived at Strike's giant fortress while he powered up. K.O. realized Pen was used to create the piranha traps guarding the fortress and hit it with a power fist. He switched Pen's function to create and restored Tennyson's Omnitrix, Garnet's sunglasses, and Raven's magic. The four heroes vanquished Strike. Pen was aimless without its former master's commands. Garnet reprogrammed it to restore CN City to its former glory then used it to create a pow card about her for K.O. to have as a keepsake.