Mysterious Prism

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Colors of Raven, Some of Their Parts, and Garage Sale
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Mysterious Prism is an obscure artifact that was on display at the Jump City Museum. Dr. Light stole it for some nefarious purpose but Raven defeated him. The prism was confiscated by the Titans. While they played around with it, the prism turned on and imprisoned Raven within it. It feel to the ground and shattered into five shards. Five Ravens, each representing an aspect of her personalities, emerged. The other Titans eventually captured the five Ravens by touching a shard to each then rejoined the object. Raven was restored to normal.

A shard was tossed in Beast Boy's chest of mementos under his bed. Eventually, he found it and tried to split Raven up again so he could make out with the passionate Raven. Robin deflected the prism and reiterated how dangerous it was. However, Robin realized he could use the prism to split each Titan into their five core personalities and chose which one he wanted for his elite crime fighting team. The rest were held in the prism, which he attached to a blaster gun. After stopping a huge crime wave, Robin realized a team of five Robins would be better. He restored the Titans for normal then used the prism on himself. Silkie ate the prism in a bid to save the day and split off. Each Robin fought one of the Silkie personalities. Once the Robin's were all defeated, Silkie restored them both to normal. Robin apologized for abusing the prism but Beast Boy used it on Raven. Before he could get his kiss, raging Raven grabbed him by the head. It was stored in the Titans Tower attic.