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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Video Game References
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Tara Strong (Screaming Woman) and Trevor Devall (Old Man and Spy Villain)

Robin purchased a souped up old video game called "Imagination" from 1984 as part of a plan to train the Teen Titans with a virtual reality room. Upon insertion, the cartridge didn't work. Robin blew on the cartridge and it worked just fine. The Titans found themselves in a 16 bit video game start screen. Robin revealed there were five missions crafted to test each Titan individually. Starfire was chosen to go first due to her patronizing tone. "Starfire's Quest: The Legend of the Legendary Quest" began with Starfire entering a cave and meeting an old man. The old man warned her of the dangers of going alone and offered her a wooden sword. Starfire declined and countered the old man was alone as well. The old man started tearing up and revealed it was awhile since anyone talked to him and his wife left him years ago. After he admitted to being lonely, Starfire tried to leave. The old man knocked over one of the torches and sobbed. Starfire invited him to join her quest. The old man took the useless wooden sword outside. The duo was surrounded by four Land Squids. Old Man tried to attack one but was pelted with ink. Starfire scratched him like pet dogs and won them over. They all danced. One of the Land Squids agreed to join their party. They encountered a screaming woman who offered them an empty bottle if they could catch Coocalacka, a beast that looked a lot like a chicken but she insisted wasn't. Old man tried but his eyes were scratched out. Starfire won Coocalacka over and it joined their party along with the woman. The old man praised Starfire for gathering an army and believed she was the hero of legend. She was destined to slay the Evil Wizard. Starfire was more interested in dancing. Soon, others joined in the dancing. Blobs, skeletons, knights... but the Evil Wizard took over the world in the meantime.

Beast Boy was sent to the 1981 "Cross The Street" video game. Annoyed he didn't get something harder, Beast Boy turned himself into a frog. However, he was repeatedly run over by vehicles as he tried to cross the lanes to the other side. He was even eaten by a snake that was on the highway for some unknown reason. Frustrated, Beast Boy tried to use the crosswalk and was still run over despite legally having the right of way. He recalled the old adage and changed into a chicken. After some showing off, he flew to the other side and was chomped on by an alligator.

Raven was sent to the 1978 "Circle Man" video game, already with a high score of 9231979. Raven was joined by three other Ravens and noticed Circle Guy was eating all their balls. They lacked focus and Raven became irritated. After Circle Guy ate a cherry, Ravn had everyone focus and get in formation. Circle Guy powered up and ate Stinky. Just as they surrounded regular Circle Guy, a powered up Ms. Circle Guy arrived and ate everyone up. Circle Guy and Ms. Circle Guy smooched to Raven's disdain.

Cyborg landed in the Pie Hunter video game. He found himself in a virtual simulation of the T-Car and was released from a big rig. Cyborg noticed a billboard for a place called Eat Pie. While trying to obey the rules of the road, the other vehicles were speeding around him. Cyborg became irritated with the other drivers an was tailgated by the Spy Villain. Soon enough, they had a fender bender. On the side of the road, Cyborg denied the accident was his fault and asked Spy Villain for his insurance. Spy Villain tried to downplay it to avoid another accident on his record. He offered to pay for repairs himself. Cyborg turned him down. Spy Villain got back in his car and attacked Cyborg. Cyborg dashed off in the T-Car. Luckily, Spy Villain was reckless and hit a pothole. Cyborg finally arrived at the Eat Pie establishment. While singing his pie song, Cyborg was aghast when Spy Villain returned in a helicopter and blew up both the T-Car and Eat Pie.

Robin arrived in the "Save the Princess" video game and immediately did a bug stomp on a snail. He saw several floating boxes and hit his head under one. Money came out. Robin repeatedly bashed his head and made a lot of money but suffered a concussion and temporary amnesia. Robin continued onward but was distracted by a large sewage pipe. Instead of going on in the game, he went down the pipe to explore. He was trapped in stinky sewage. The Game Over screen came up and Robin chose not to continue.