Hall of Justice Security Robot

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Two Parter: Part One
Powers/Skills: Flight, Laser Emission, Force Field Generation, Transformation, and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Scott Menville

The Hall of Justice is protected by a robot that detains intruders. It verifies so by a scan. Those who aren't Justice League members are deemed intruders. When the Teen Titans sneaked into the Hall, the first thing they looked at were the contents of the refridgerator. Beast Boy bit into Batman's sandwich and set off an alarm. The robot emerged from where the refridgerator was. The Titans ran for it. The robot formed a laser blaster and chainsaw and chased them. It blasted the Kryptonite cases and chopped the Superman statue down. Cyborg draped a towel over its head from behind and Raven stuffed the inner tube around it. Cyborg came up with a plan for the Titans to dress up like the Justice League to fool the robot. The robot only cleared Raven, posing as Wonder Woman, due to her amazing legs. It scanned Cyborg and asked him which Green Lantern he was. Cyborg incorrectly said he was 'Green Lantern Steve' and the robot transformed again. It cornered Cyborg, Flash, Beast Boy, and Robin. As Starfire bid farewell, Cyborg used the power ring to send constructs of the Golden Girls after the robot. They tore it to pieces.