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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Groover
Powers/Skills: Storage
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Groover is a portable toilet, usually a water tight military rocket box used by river rapid enthusiasts to hold their poop and in the case of a raft flip, the Groover's contents wouldn't leak out onto them. Robin employed them during an educational trip to the Grand Canyon. Beast Boy thought it was a suitcase. Starfire greeted it like it was a person. The other Titans resisted and found it disgusting. Robin stated they had to bring a bathroom with them to the great outdoors and challenged them to poop in a box. Beast Boy found it unreasonable to do his business in a businessman's suitcase. Robin stated they had no choice because he was making tostadas for dinner. Raven sobbed. Cyborg and Beast Boy warmed up to the Groover and in business attire, used the Groovers, while making office puns related to pooping. The Groover was left with Robin on a raft headed to the end of Lava Falls, one of the biggest rapids in the Grand Canyon, while the others teleported to shore. Groover gave Robin the thumb's up. They were tossed into the river. Upon returning home, Beast Boy and Cyborg continued to use Groovers and make office puns.