Dragon's Fire

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Riding the Dragon
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Dragon's Fire is a popular role playing board game set in a fantasy world of wizards and dragons. Robin noticed the other Teen Titans were playing the game completely wrong, pretending to ride on the back of a dragon. He promised them that by following the rules, they would experience a magical, fantastical adventure. He pulled out the advanced rule book of Dragon's Fire and told them to fill out their character skill sheets. Annoyed with their lack in mathmatics, Robin had them draw their characters but they started to get bored by his quest to find a regular key that opened a regular key. They started to get bored by rolling the dice and wanted to find a dragon, to his annoyance. He slammed the board in anger and it sucked them in. They appeared as their characters and discovered they were in the Forest of Threllegh'vhehn. The Titans wanted to start looking for a dragon but Robin insisted they start their journey according to tradition, at an inn called the Inn of the Bullied Bones.

The Titans walked past a rough crowd of goblins and Robin asked the Innkeeper if he had any work for a band of brave adventurers. The Innkeeper revealed he had a rat problem. They turned out to giant-sized vermin in the basement. Cyborg rolled a one and the three rats rolled a 10. He was attacked as a result. Raven tried to cast a spell but it only stopped the rats for two seconds then they kept attacking Cyborg. Raven cheated and changed her stats on paper from level one to 100 then defeated the rats, reducing them to a pile of bones with her spell. Robin noticed a secret passage. The Titans continued but Robin wouldn't let them fight the necromancer, hordes of goblins or skeleton dudes. They weren't impressed by the key hologram, endless stairs and more doors. They found the real key being guarded by a sleeping dragon. The Titans, however, wanted to ride it instead of getting the key. Robin tapped his Staff of Gamesh and woke the dragon.

The dragon revealed it was Robin who caused it by having no imagination and ruining the game with rules. He stated imagination was true magic and allowed them to ride on his back. The dragon invited Robin. He tried it and had fun. After a song, the dragon was delighted and congratulated them on achieving true magic and fantasy then breathed fire on them. They returned to the top of their couch burnt to a crisp.