Boring Space Probe

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 1
Powers/Skills: Neural Interface
Voiced By: Not Applicable

During a space adventure to the Space Council to stop Darkseid, the Titans came across a space probe. Raven was eager to blow it up. Robin wanted to study it and write a detailed report. It was beamed up to the Titans Tower Starship with a tractor beam. Robin noticed some strange markings and touched the probe. A green laser shot him in the forehead and Robin was knocked out. He found himself living among a forgotten alien civilzation and married to a purple tentacled alien woman. Robin insisted he was the captain of the Titans Tower Starship but she thought he just fell and hit his head hard. She believed his favorite trombone would help him remember. While he tried to figure out how to get back, he assumed he was in for a mildly exciting experience. Time passed to a point Robin almost completely gave up on returning to his other life. His wife announced she was pregnant. They had three children in total. He also kept practicing his trombone.

In old age, Robin noticed it was a hot day. His wife pointed out their sun was dying and she hoped he had a good life. Robin didn't think it was a good one but admitted he at least learned how to play the trombone well. Robin awoke to see the other Titans bashing the probe to avenge his death. Robin tried to explain the probe was the last of a forgotten alien civilization and even though he was unconscious for a moment, he lived a long, unremarkable life and was able to learn all about their boring culture. They didn't care. Suddenly, Robin's trombone rose out of the probe. The Titans suddenly wanted the probe to teach them a free music lesson, too. Robin tried to tell them it wasn't about music but they zapped themselves. Cyborg mastered the bass, Raven mastered the double-neck guitar, Starfire mastered the hobo jug, and Beast Boy mastered the keyboard. The newly acquired skills came to use on Apokolips. The Titans started playing as Darkseid and two of his Parademons approached. A Parademon pointed out the Titans were standing right by the shield generator.

Darkseid observed them. He admitted the resemblance was undeniable but the kind of musical skills they were displaying could only be achieved by an uninteresting lifetime of practice. He ordered the Parademons to keep searching. The Titans destroyed the generator with their instruments, beamed back to the Titans Tower, and blew up Apokolips.