Big Ben

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Hot Salad Water and How's This For A Special? Spaaaace: Pt. 2 (Hologram)
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Big Ben is both the mobile headquarters of the Queen of England and a giant robot. Somehow, the Queen moved Big Ben to the coast of Jump City and erected an elaborate underground tunnel to the Titans Tower. She began sending crates of tea from her stockpile into the Tower as part of a plot to sway the Titans to her side and help conquer America for the British Empire. Robin could not find the other Titans one day and discovered a red telephone booth in the kitchen. He looked inside and was transported into Big Ben. He met the Titans amid a tea party. Unable to make them remember they were Americans, Robin sprayed them with soda then ran into another room. He saw tons of crates of tea and learned of the Queen's plan. Rather than fight his Titans, Robin called out for the Mighty Bald Eagle then jumped out of the tower. The Eagle arrived and caught Robin. The Queen inserted her staff into a receptacle and turned the clock tower into the giant robot then attacked with a barrage of biscuits. The Eagle easily dodged them.

Big Ben placed its arms together and fired a red double decker bus at the duo. Before the Queen could apply the finishing blow, Robin shot a firecracker in the sky. The Statue of Liberty arrived and sprayed a can of soda on Big Ben. It short circuited and exploded, sending the Queen flying into a billboard. The Titans emerged from the rubble, back to their senses. Robin shoved the Queen's tea into the ocean and the Titans chanted in America's name.