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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Two Parter: Part Two, TV Knight, TV Knight 3, TV Knight 4, What's Opera Titans, TV Knight 5, and Egg Hunt
Powers/Skills: Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

One of Batman's vehicles is the Batplane, a cutting edge jet plane in his color motif. While it was parked into the Hall of Justice, Raven drove into it with the Invisible Jet numerous times. While responding to Batman's hail, Robin accidentally turned on a giant doughnut projector next to the Batsignal. The Batplane crashed into the giant doughnut. Commissioner Gordon and Batman sneaked out of Wayne Manor in the Batplane. As they enjoyed an episode of Him-Guy and The Overlord of the Macrocosmos, they didn't realize they flew into a water tower. They opened the hatch to survey the damage, laughed, fell out, and bounced off the awning for the Chateau de Fancy. Once Pennyworth found them, they returned to the plane and raced back home. They crashed the plane and ran the rest of the way back. During a search for the Easter egg Robin never found, Raven tossed the giant Zod coin carelessly over her shoulder onto the Batplane and it exploded.