Ancient Legends

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Little Buddies, Real Magic, Puppets Whaaaaat?, Salty Codgers, Halloween, Mouth Hole, And The Award For Sound Design Goes to Rob, Spice Game, and How 'Bout Some Effort
Powers/Skills: Education
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ancient Legends is a book kept by Raven that details mythological figures such as the Magic God. As Robin continued to show off his magic tricks, Raven summoned the book and read the Magic God passage aloud to no avail. Raven also summoned the book to explain who the Puppet Wizard was and to figure out a way to resurrect the other Titans - journey to the Underworld and look in the eyes of Death himself. After the Halloween Spirit was freed by accident, Raven schooled the other Titans on the spirit's history with Ancient Legends. While only communicating in whistles, Raven read aloud the entry on the Master of Whistles but Robin ordered her to say it in plain English. Raven used the book to find the location of The Whisperer so the Titans could force it to release sound back to the world. Overwhelmed by the Tears of Zephos, Raven consulted the book and the cure lay with the Dairy King and the Infinity Milk from his Immortal Udder. She found a map to his fortress.

On a Valentine's Day, Raven consulted the book and told Cyborg about the Land of Last Minute Valentine's Gifts in an effort to repair his relationship with Jinx. She told him he needed to gather three magic cliched objects of love - a flower, box of chocolates, and teddy bear - while displaying the virtues of thoughtfulness, effort, and sacrifice.