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Real Identity: King Orin
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Matched, Nean, Black Friday, Snuggle Time, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 1, Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Pt 2, and TV Knight 3
Powers/Skills: Marine Animal Telepathy, Survival Underwater, Enhanced Strength, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Eric Bauza

Aquaman is the king of Atlantis and protector of the Seven Seas. Cyborg's flawed Love Matcher 5000 believed Aquaman was Starfire's ideal superhero mate. Starfire didn't believe the Matcher was valid but still noted Aquaman was quite fit. By the time of Beast Boy and Raven's ill-fated wedding, Starfire and Aquaman were an item and broke up just as soon. Robin and Aquaman wept as the wedding turned to shambles. Aquaman later attended Starfire's wedding ceremony where she almost married a pot of vegetarian chili until Raven stopped it by being nean. The Legion of Doom tied him to a giant barrel of gunpowder, surrunded him with dynamite then lit the fuse. Aquaman frantically tried to blow the fuse out. Aquaman was one of the judges in the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star, a competition designed to choose the next member of the League. Aquaman participated in Batman's surprise birthday party. He cried after Batman punched his football phone present.