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Real Identity: Harrison Zulander
Appearances: Chapter One: I Saw You Dance and Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Fashion
Voiced By:

Zu is CeeLo Green's pet Yorkie. He also is a fashion trendsetter for his species. While CeeLo was vocalizing in his dressing room, Zu napped in his doggie bed but the Teen Titans broke in. They tried to convince CeeLo to perform "The Night Begins to Shine" to rescue Cyborg from another dimension but he called security. Zu growled as Starfire trailed off on weird nicknames for CeeLo. After security kicked them out of the room, Zu barked at them. Some time later, CeeLo was bathed in a pulse sent out by Cyborg and started singing "The Night Beings to Shine" all of a sudden. He picked up Zu. Zu howled along with him. After CeeLo put him down, a portal took CeeLo away. Zu barked.