Twin Destroyers of Azarath

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Love Monsters and The Titans Show
Powers/Skills: Emotion Absorption and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Tara Strong and Hynden Walch

The Twin Destroyers of Azarath are twin demons from Azarath. One is green and speaks English and the other is red and speaks in another language. They appear to be cute and adorable but are really harbingers of doom and purveyors of exquisite mistery and endless pain. They feed on love and affection. Once enough is gathered, they enter a pupa stage and transform while inside a green egg. They emerge as a two headed giant monster. At some point, Raven captured them and they were sealed in a box. While Raven went to gather spell ingredients to banish them back to Azarath, she left the box in the other Titans' care. Starfire couldn't help it despite Raven's warning, and opened the box. To make matters worse, she gave both creatures hugs and snuggles to the creatures. Robin was adamant about them going back in the box but Starfire mistakenly gave them a goodbye kiss. They merged into an egg. Beast Boy tried to hide the evidence and threw the egg into the ocean outside the Titans Tower. The Destroyers emerged and rampaged onto Jump City.

Raven knew what happened and revealed only the one who empowered them with love can defeat them. The Titans boarded the Titan Robot and confronted the Destroyers. Initially, it appeared they gained the upper hand but Starfire showed them affection instead of finishing them off with a Hurricane Kick. They grew strong again and demolished the robot, reducing it to a ball. Starfire finally managed to weaken them by telling them they smelled like a butt and celery then their mother had the weight problem. Eventually, the Destroyers reverted to their original forms. But before she placed them in the box, Starfire kissed them again...