The Squirrel

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Squash & Stretch
Powers/Skills: Screwy
Voiced By: Scott Menville

The Squirrel appeared to be a typical squirrel but it managed to outsmart the Teen Titans after it stole their bowl of mixed nuts. It dodged Robin's exploding birdarangs, Cyborg's extendable arms, Beast Boy in cat, monkey and snake form, Starfire's eye lasers, and Raven. As the Squirrel continued eating nuts in a tree, the Titans brainstormed their revenge fantasies. Robin pointed out they live in a world that frowns on violence. The Titans decided to turn into silly cartoons in order to execute their revenge. However, the hunter never gets its prey in those cartoons so they were again outwitted by the squirrel. However they got rid of a tree, it usually ended up squashing them. They turned to Action Cartoons and became the Teen Titronz. They took to their ships and fired at the squirrel with their quad lasers but missed. They formed their ships together into Zolton and formed the internal sphere. They secured the nut bowl but lamented the squirrel's death. The body turned out to be a dummy and the Titans were blown up with a stick of dynamite. The squirrel commented it was a stinker then ran off with the nuts.