Pet Demon

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Driver's Ed, Books, Little Buddies, Knowledge, and Lication
Powers/Skills: Flight, Portal Generation and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

On a Thursday, Raven encountered a little demon trying to enter her bedroom from a portal. She was able to neutralize it with dark magic but was distracted by Robin's feigned emergency call before she could send it back to its home dimension. The demon recovered and left the Titans Tower. On a Friday, it ate a seagull outside the tower and flew back towards the structure. It later reappeared in Jump City and dragged Ed, the fake driver's ed teacher, down a portal after he passed Robin on the road test. Raven decided to keep it around as a pet. The demon mostly creeped around behind the walls of the tower. In a showdown with Painbot, the pet demon demonstrated its previously unknown boxing skills but was ultimately smashed with a giant boxing glove. Raven summoned a portal above some marmots that rented the refridgerator, food inside, and kitchen floor after Beast Boy posted it on a smartphone application. The pet demon emerged from the portal and ate the marmots.