Octopus Guardian

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Booty Scooty
Powers/Skills: Survival Under Water
Voiced By:

A giant octopus guards pirate's treasure hidden under the island where the Titans Tower sits. Those who want the treasure have to fight octopus as the final challenge in what is a super dangerous adventure where death is highly probable. The Titans were about to fight the octopus but Raven reminded them they were running short on time and they should just go around it. The octopus let out a disappointed moan. Starfire returned, apologized and gave him a smooch. He let out a happy moan. Robin left one gem for the Dead Guy holding the chest. His ghost appeared and activated an elaborate contraption. A human skull bounced off the octopus' head and he threw it, missing the target. The ghost grumbled those devices never work in real life and hit the target himself, ejecting the Titans out into the sea.