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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: A Cat's Fancy
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By:

After Starfire bravely flew Dr. Light's Light Bomb into space, the blast wave hurled her back to Earth. Robin rushed to the crater and tried to profess his love to Starfire but a stray white cat wandered in. Starfire awoke and was captivated by the cat. She named it Nibbles and took it back to the Titans Tower. While the other Titans were concerned Starfire was spending too much time with Nibbles, Robin was jealous of the love and affection it was receiving. He decided to become a cat. Two days later, he took up a cat costume and won Starfire's heart. She tossed Nibbles aside and renamed Robin, Sassy Pants. Cyborg thought he was seven times as cute as Nibbles at best.