Monkey Army

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: TTG v PPG
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By:

Mojo Jojo often incorporates an army of slightly enhanced monkeys for his bigger schemes. Mojo's latest plan involved cybernetically enchanced battle monkeys -- basically monkeys connected to giant mech suits. The Powerpuff Girls stormed Mojo's lab and Buttercup simply unplugged a big plug. The monkey suits collapsed into disarray. Not one to take defeat, Mojo teleported to another dimension to carry out his plan. Beast Boy and Cyborg were smitten with Mojo and spent the day with him - looting the city for supplies and then releasing all the monkeys and gorillas in the Jump City Zoo. Mojo conscripted them into his army and built one a mech suit. The army helped them build a new observatory lair for Mojo. Mojo was too tired and needed to take a nap while Beast Boy and Cyborg finished the army. When Mojo awoke, he discovered they created a monkey party instead.