Hand Zombie

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Hand Zombie
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

While attempting to teach the other Teen Titans about personal hygiene, Robin ignored his own rules when Starfire kissed his right hand to demonstrate the most brief of lip-to-hand contact was hygienic. Robin refused to wash the hand and preserved the hand by placing a bag over it and keeping it airtight with a rubberband. Over a period of three months, Robin's right hand died and became an environment for bacteria to flourish. The hand fell off after Robin removed the bag. The bacteria took control of the hand. Raven immediately speculated it was a hand zombie but Robin thought it was fairy tale magic because Starfire, a princess, had kissed the hand and enchanted it. It agreed to go with the Titans into Jump City when a crime alert came up. He outfitted it with a red cape. The hand fought Mammoth solo and won. Robin shielded it at the last second from a gush of water that sprang from the hydrant Mammoth landed against. It refused to go back in the bag. Robin warned it to stay away from anything that could wash the kiss away.

Soon after, Robin learned it took a shower and was going on a date with Starfire. He realized it really was a hand zombie. The hand and Starfire went to a French cafe for their date. Before they could kiss, Robin suddenly appeared and destroyed an accordion that was being used for romantic music. The hand revealed itself to be a zombie and fought Robin. He chewed it up like a dog but got slapped. It went for Starfire but Robin initiated a thumb war. It attempted to cheat with the index finger but lost. Robin reattached the hand to his arm on the way back to the Titans Tower. He vowed to never let his hand become a zombie again but Starfire kissed the same hand out of gratitiude. Robin bagged it again and the hand gagged for air.