Grizzly Bear

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Nature, Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp, Campfire Stories, Pyramid Scheme, Who's Laughing Now, Booby Trap House, and The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! Pt 2
Powers/Skills: Bear Stuff
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Beast Boy once left Jump City to reconnect with Mother Nature. However, after drinking from a river, he choked on a wad of hair. He realized an orange coated grizzly bear was scraping his back fur with a fish bone. The same bear later chased after Beast Boy. Beast Boy, on his last legs, met the actual Mother Nature and convinced her to turn the forest into a city. The bear got a job working at a taco stand. Some time later, Robin wandered around in the forest after the city adopted Beast Boy's use of bees as currency. He spied a bee hive and attempted to grab it but it fell on his head. He bumped into the Grizzly Bear, smearing honey on his chest. The bear glared at then chased after Robin.

The Teen Titans returned to the forest for a camping trip. After the second campfire story, Starfire's, was told, Robin was mauled by the Grizzly Bear. Eventually, it settled down and listened to the stories, too, while holding Robin. After hearing Robin's sad story, the bear started to stoke his head. The rest of the Titans and the bear were freaked out by Raven's story. They ran off without the bear. Unsure of what to do at the first, the bear also ran away. Beast Boy later joined a pyramid scheme and wasted the earnings on frivolent purchases. He bought a gold bear, that looked a lot like the same Grizzly Bear, and put him in a gold car. In the final showdown with the head of the scheme, Mummy Boss, Beast Boy was spared from the gunfight when the bear arrived and ran the mummy over.

Beast Boy went into the forest in search of a spirit animal after he discovered he grew some armpit hair at long last. He declined the other Titans' ideas and became enamoured with three Grizzly Bears napping in a cave. He introduced himself and asked to be a bear. The bears roared until Beast Boy was able to emulate their sound. Beast Boy triumphantly ran off thinking they accepted him. One scratched its butt. One farted. Beast Boy secured a government loan for honey and salmon then began his studies with the bears. But all they focused on was partying and sports, namely football. Beast Boy was upset with what little he was learning from them and being buried in debt to the government. The Titans proposed to challenge the bears to a game of football for the honey and salmon. The bears lost 35 to 37 thanks to Beast Boy's field goal kick as a 2 year community donkey. The lead bear snapped his paws and one of the others barfed out Beast Boy's loan.

Starfire and Cyborg thought the other Titans were eaten by monsters and booby trapped the Titans Tower. Cyborg retrieved one of the Grizzly Bears from their cave. Starfire placed him into a trapdoor in the floor of a hall. Naturally, it was Robin who the bear attacked. Robin hid in the bathroom but was attacked by a raccoon. After work resumed on the 200th episode of Teen Titans Go!, the gold bear rode around in the gold car with Sam, the boss of Warner Ranch.