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Real Identity: Gridnock
Appearances: Tamaranian Vacation
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Invulnerability
Voiced By:

Gridnock the Skull Crusher is an undefeated alien rock monster residing on Tamaran. As part of Tamaranian ritual, those who have dishonored their people can redeem themselves with a traditional show of bravery by fighting Gridnock. No one ever won and were eaten. Starfire and the other Teen Titans were swallowed whole by Gridnock. While trying to see things from a positive perspective, the Titans had a tickle fight while Gridnock's stomach acids threatened to digest them. Cyborg lost control and rocketed around hitting Gridnock's stomach lining. As a result, Gridnock suffered a bad case of indigestion and crumbled to pieces. The Tamaranians cheered for the Titans, as the act also saved their planet from destruction by the Blood Dominion.