Giant Mutant

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Streak: Pt 1 and The Streak: Pt 2
Powers/Skills: Acid Generation, Enhanced Strength, and Flight
Voiced By:

During a Crime Season, Killer Moth boarded a train and planned to expose his pet to a payload of toxic waste being transported. The Teen Titans arrived in hopes of stopping him for their 52nd crime and winning Crime Season. Moth avoided their attacks and dropped his pet into the waste. It turned from a tiny bug into a gigantic mutant with two horns, spikes running down its back, wings, pinchers, and four legs. Kid Flash interrupted the Titans and arrived driving a party bus. Raven, Starfire, and Cyborg had enough and switched to Kid's side. While Robin tried to assure Beast Boy they could still win, the mutant stepped on them. Moth congratulated it and proceeded to march on Jump City and destroy it. Robin and Beast Boy formed a new time and tried to stop Killer Moth again after the mutant dissolved a building with acid spit. Robin broke Kid Flash's knee and led his team. They jumped high into the air and descended towards the mutant. They punched it in unison and destroyed it in a massive detonation of teamwork and won Crime Season.