The Fish

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Fish Water
Powers/Skills: Survival Underwater
Voiced By: Hynden Walch

Starfire won a goldfish at a carnival and vowed to keep it alive for many years with the power of love despite the other Titans warned her the fish wouldn't last a day. Starfire got attached and named it The Fish. Robin advised her to give The Fish some clean water, a fish bowl, a bunch of pink and only pink pebbles, fish food, and a tiny decorative log that the fish will constantly get stuck in. Starfire reiterated she would grow old with it and give it the old fish medicine. The next morning, Starfire found it had died. As Starfire wailed and drank the bowl water, the fish's ghost appeared. It only spoke the word "banunu" or "friend" in fish language. The Titans determined it had unfinished business and wanted them to free the other goldfish from the carnival. While the others distracted the Carnies, Starfire gathered the goldfish into one bag then flushed them in the portable bathroom. All of the goldfish turned into ghosts but were happy. Robin mused they preferred to turn into ghosts than spend their life swimming circles around a tiny bowl. They all passed on. The Fish said "banunu" one last time to Starfire then joined its family.