Friendship Friends

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Powers/Skills: Friendship Totem
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Friendship Friends are tiny creatures created when a new friendship is born. Their appearance is based on a combination of the two friends and they have both their abilities. Beast Boy and Cyborg's Friendship Friend was born on Shirtless Volleyball Day. Friends were also created from the friendship of Cyborg and Raven, Raven and Silkie, Cyborg and Silkie, Starfire and Silkie, Starfire and Raven, and Beast Boy and Raven. None made from Robin were ever created. Robin tried to forcibly befriend Cyborg and Beast Boy's to the point it jumped out of the Titans Tower into the ocean. The next day, Beast Boy and Cyborg were longer best friends and were simply awkward. The other Titans tried to recreate Shirtless Volleyball Day, their love of food, and their love of music but failed -- only driving them further apart. With little choice, they headed out to face Cinderblock. Beast Boy and Cyborg found a cart full of snacks and gorged on it together instead of helping in the fight.

They opted to lie down and relax then belched and laughed. As they high-fived, a new Friendship Friend was created. Reunited, they flew up together and punched Cinderblock into pieces. Their Friendship Friend hid in a kitchen cupboard and ate whipped cream out of a can. It was scared to hear Robin calling to it. It zipped between his legs and hid under the couch. Robin persisted. It lunged out like a rabid dog at him.