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Real Identity: Dave
Appearances: Little Buddies, Brian, Booby Trap House, and BBRBDAY
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Dave is a pet wolf taken in by Beast Boy. He is still a vicious wolf with no training. He eats and does whatever he wants, including dragging and beating up Robin. During the Little Buddy Showdown, Dave was the first to go up against Pain Bot. When Pain Bot showed off its impressive arsenal, Dave ran off. Dave also owns a special collar that forms a metal helmet around his head. He attended Birdarang and Beatbox's birthday party and helped rescue the Teen Titans from the Brain.

Dave was dragged into the tower by Starfire in her and Cyborg's plan to booby trap the tower to protect from monsters they thought ate the other Titans. Robin, covered in honey and bee stings, was covered in meats. Starfire and Cyborg used a catapult to launch Dave onto Robin. Dave attended one of Beast Boy's birthday parties and ate garbage off the floor then the sink. He later danced with Starfire until she heard Robin had two birthday cakes at his party.