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Real Identity: Chuck
Appearances: Croissant
Powers/Skills: Matter Ingestion
Voiced By: Greg Cipes

Chuck is a gross green multi-eyed bug and friend of Silkie. Beast Boy met Chuck and was cool with him crashing at the Titans Tower for a week. It happened to be on a week Beast Boy left to get his hair tips frosted. After Chuck emerged from a coccoon hanging in front of the TV in the living room, everyone thought it was Beast Boy's new form and struggled to accept him as their beloved teammate. But they hurled a lot. In a battle against Killer Moth, Chuck ate trash and a kitten instead of helping fight. Moth pointed out that wasn't Beast Boy which appalled the Titans. They got into an argument about standards of beauty and opted to leave Chuck with Moth. Moth decided to mutate the world into insect humanoids to teach the Titans a lesson. However, the Titans didn't learn a thing. Beast Boy later returned home and cleared things up about Chuck.