Beast Boy's Son

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Real Identity: None
Appearances: Chicken In The Cradle
Powers/Skills: Things Chickens Do
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Beast Boy's recklessness with his animal powers culminated in him laying an egg while he was in the form of a rooster. Raven pointed out roosters don't lay egg. Beast Boy admitted he wanted to be a dad some day and vowed to be the greatest then left to go play drums for a seahorse jazz band. The other Titans were upset but took turns sitting on the egg. Robin tried playing classical music and got an idea to surround it with fluffy pillows. It was Cyborg's turn to sit but he was uneasy about doing so. At the same time, the chick began to break its way out. Cyborg thought it was his fault and tried to repair the cracks with Robin and Raven using tape, glue, and staples. After it hatched, Beast Boy returned and proclaimed he won the kangaroo welter weight bouncing championship. The Titans decided to be the chick's parental figure. Raven kept track of its height, Robin mashed up worms for it, Cyborg played catch with it, and Starfire took it into the city with a baby carriage. They were proud when it ate bird seed for the first time and held a graduation ceremony.

Beast Boy came home late and tried offering a milk shake. The chick turned away. Beast Boy vowed to make things right, after he finished the milk shake. He got out a catcher's mitt from his closet but the others informed him he left an hour ago to hang out with some real bad eggs. Beast Boy didn't like that and searched for his son. He caught him making graffiti outside. Beast Boy made a passionate plea and convinced his son to stop but the Bad Eggs intervened. Beast Boy used his powers to destroy them but was grossed out by their rotten inards. Beast Boy promised to never let him down again. They went to a carnival for bonding time. Beast Boy broke the strength tester, his son fell off the stool for the Dunk the Dad!!!, they pecked the carnie at Thwack a Chicken, and closed out on the ferris wheel. He later rested atop the Titans Tower's antenna and crowed.