Battle Armor Dinosaurs

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Open Door Policy and The Titans Show
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By:

The Teen Titans found dinosaurs on the unexplored section of the deserted island they were stranded on. After gorging themselves on potatoes they found on the ground, they pondered how the dinosaurs were still alive. Robin proposed they either build a start of the art amusement park or make them their pets. The first option seemed like too much work and too many things could go wrong, so they opted with making them into pets. Cyborg called the Brontosaurus, Raven took the Triceratops, Beast Boy picked the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Starfire chose the Pteradactyl, and Robin selected the Velociraptor. They soon began arguing which dinosaur was better. Robin declared the only way to determine who was the best was a fight.

Raven declared they had to train them first then somehow using raw materials, the Titans built them state of the art battle armor. Robin attempted to get the raptor to open the door of a hut so they could hide and win by default but the rubber gloves did little to help. After the Rex tossed the Brontosaurus, the dinosaurs revolted. The Titans went with Robin's idea and hid in the hut. He was so certain of his plan that he didn't bother locking the door. The raptor opened the door. The Rex reached in and grabbed the Titans. The dinosaurs proceeded to beat up the Titans. Later on, during a series of failed attempts to escape the island, Cybog, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven used a catapult but ended up launching themselves into a Rex's mouth. The dinosaurs all later helped the Titans battle their greatest enemies. Starfire and the Pteradactyl blasted Mother Mae-Eye, Mumbo, Brother Blood, and Killer Moth. Beast Boy and the Rex reduced Cinderblock to dust. Raven and the Triceratops blew up Plasmus. Cyborg and the Brontosaurus flattened Mammoth. The velociraptor opened a door and slashed Billy Numerous to shreds.