Wolf Man

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Real Identity: Wolf Man
Appearances: Halloween and Halloween v Christmas
Powers/Skills: Immunity to Magic, Enhanced Physical Attributes and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By:

The Wolf Man is one of the famous Creatures of the Night, capable of transforming into a werewolf on the night of a full moon. One Halloween, the Halloween Spirit used his power to turn simple Halloween decorations into monsters to terrorize the Teen Titans. The Titans got over their fear, powered up on candy and defeated the monsters. Robin uppercut Wolf Man. They performed the ceremony to banish Halloween Spirit. During Halloween again, the Halloween Spirit summoned Creatures of the Night to aid him against Santa Claus. Wolf Man, Frankenstein, and Dracula arrived. Wolf Man slashed several of Santa's elves. After Santa was defeated, Halloween Spirit, the Creatures, and Titans departed the Tower to celebrate the holiday.