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Real Identity: Vegetor
Appearances: Vegetables and The Titans Show
Powers/Skills: Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Flight
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Vegetor is a giant sentient carrot that somehow evolved into a higher being deep in the Earth. After Beast Boy converted the other Titans to vegetables, Vegetor began to speak telepathically to them. He promised to grant them a place in his new vegetable kingdom if they aided in his summoning. Three weeks later, the Titans had turned green and entranced. They overpowered Beast Boy and took him to Vegetor's lair. They chanted names of vegetables and Vegetor rose. He declared he would begin his mission to cleanse the world of meat starting, ironically, with Beast Boy. Vegetor used his telekinesis and attempted to crush Beast Boy with a giant vegetable but he snapped Cyborg back to his senses with a Meat Party prompt. Vegetor was curious after smelling Cyborg's grilling. Though his body was a temple, Vegetor didn't think one bite could hurt. He soon gorged on meat with the others after a taste helped him remember his youth. Vegetor overate and imploded.