Two Headed Ghoul

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Real Identity: Batman and Commissioner Gordon
Appearances: The Cruel Giggling Ghoul
Voiced By:

Batman and Commissioner Gordon loved Wacka Doodle Amusement Park's bumper cars. However, the ride became too popular and they were stuck waiting in line a lot. In order to cut down on that, they crafted the Two Headed Ghoul story and costume to scare guests away. They incorporated their trademark giggle into a chilling chuckle and moved quickly around the park by using its underground access tunnel. Attendance got too low and the park was in danger of shutting down. On the night of LeBron James' dribbling show, the Teen Titans went to the park and decided to put an end to the ghoul's tyranny. The ghoul chased Beast Boy and Cyborg around the park from the Snack Shack to the Funhouse and roller coaster. The duo disguised themselves as a park worker and girlfriend. The ghoul played along and knocked all the bottles down. Beast Boy's wig fell off so Cyborg quickly threw a giant stuffed animal on the ghoul and they took off.

The Titans set up an ambush by the bumper cars. It worked and the Titans and ghoul chased after each other in the bumper cars. Beast Boy and Cyborg sacrificed their burrito and burger snacks to blind the Two Headed Ghoul. The Titans tied him up and called the manager and owner. They were shocked to discover the ghoul was Batman and Gordon. But for some reason Batman was wearing a Commissioner Gordon mask over a LeBron James mask over a Bruce Wayne mask.