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Real Identity: Trigon
Appearances: Dog Hand, Dreams (Dream), Caramel Apples, Thanksgiving, Crazy Day, Nean, I'm The Sauce, The Titans Show, and TV Knight
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

The demon Trigon is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is said to be the devourer of worlds, conqeror of planets, enslaver of civilizations, destroyer of dimensions, and master of the dark. He feeds off the suffering of others, even his daughter Raven. While in his teens, Trigon enslaved his first dimension. He wanted Raven to follow in his legacy but she chose to be a hero. Trigon allowed her to save a few lives in hopes of it being a brief jaunt. Trigon eventually came to Earth to visit Raven but was given the cold shoulder. He endeared himself to the other Titans and granted them one wish each. Raven decided to play along and Trigon instructed her to draw out nightmares in Jump City and focus them to open an interdimensional portal. Trigon then ordered her to kill all her friends, starting with Beast Boy as an example then kill the others after they swear allegiance. The Teen Titans fought Trigon on the roof of the Titans Tower. Raven used her powers on Trigon while he was distracted by the others and threw him through the interdimensional portal. Raven mused he would probably be back for Thanksgiving.

Trigon was enraged when Raven didn't get him anything for Father's Day. He came up with a plan to incite the Raven he remembered, by piting her against Starfire for his affection or whatever. Trigon crossed over to Jump City and lay waste. Starfire presented a hand drawn Father's Day card to Trigon. He decided to spare the city and teleported away. He soon returned and gave a cat to Starfire instead of devouring its soul. She in turn invited him to her silly dance party. As he planned, Raven's rage began to build up. Soon enough, Raven and Starfire fought each other. They quickly realized they were fighting over nothing and apologized then forced Trigon through a portal. He declared he would be back at Thanksgiving. True to his word, Trigon returned, uninvited, to the Titans Tower on Thanksgiving. He pledged he wouldn't devour any souls and tried to make the day perfect for his daughter. However, his proclivity towards evil won out. While volunteering to help salvage the meal, Trigon turned Cyborg into a turkey and tried to kill and cook him. At Raven's urging, Trigon spared Cyborg but eventually tried to kill him again. Trying to salvage the second meal ruined by an impromptu food fight, Trigon turned Batman into a turkey.

On a Crazy Day, Trigon possessed Raven's mind and body and tried to make her go evil by subjecting her to constructs that looked like the other Titans. Raven, used to being driven crazy by Titans, was able to get past the constructs and found Trigon. Raven gave him a taste of his own medicine and inserted the real Titans into Trigon's mind. In a very short time, Trigon went crazy and released Raven. After recovering, Trigon came up with another scheme. Tired of Raven teetering on the side of nice and mean, he cast a curse that forced her to be nice. That way, she would experience that kind of life and finally decide on choosing the side of good or evil. But Raven played along and enjoyed it until Trigon arrived to remove the curse. While fighting over the curse, Raven let go and Trigon was hit with a reverse curse and forced to be nice. Raven demanded he stop bothering her and he promised. He soon reappeared at Starfire's chili wedding after Raven convinced her it was super dumb to marry a pot of vegetarian chili. Trigon consoled the chili and offered to take it out for ice cream.

Trigon later helped the Titans cheer up the sad cloud raining on Jump City with a game of Head's Up Seven Up for chocolate milk. He later stopped by at the Tower for breakfast made by Raven. It felt like an eternity to him and pounded the table. Raven presented him with angry looking scrambed eggs and bacon. Trigon conjured a bottle of ketchup and drew a thank you note for Raven.