Thanksgiving Turkey

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Real Identity: Thanksgiving Turkey
Appearances: The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic, Easter Creeps, and Thanksgetting
Powers/Skills: Teleportation, Earth Manipulation, and Tryptophan Secretion
Voiced By: Scott Menville

Thanksgiving Turkey is the representative figurehead of the Thanksigiving holiday. He was rounded up by Robin as one of the Easter Bunny's known holiday associates. Raven and Starfire interrogated him but he could only gobble. Starfire, role playing as bad cop, flipped the desk, shoved Turkey into a wall, and slammed his head against the wall. The Turkey had no information and was let go, only to be kidnapped by Santa Claus, who wanted to take over the entire holiday calendar. Turkey was one of the holiday representatives released by Raven to battle Santa. Cupid Baby and Turkey flew towards Santa but Turkey was hit by a projectile elf. The Turkey later teamed up with Cupid Baby, George Washington, and Halloween Spirit to steal Easter but the Teen Titans defended the Easter Bunny. Cyborg fried the Turkey to a crisp with his arm cannon.

One Thanksgiving, the Titans rejected Robin's traditional celebration and created their own holiday, Thanksgetting. They did whatever they chose to do: saying what they were weren't thankful for, eat whatever food they wanted, and opening presents. Two animated trees erupted through the floor and grabbed the Titans. A breeze carrying leaves blew through the room and Thanksgiving Turkey manifested atop a tree stump clad in traditional Pilgrim clothing. He declared he came for vengeance because they disrespected his traditions. He was infuriated they barely said thanks and made up their own holiday. Beast Boy insisted they were boring traditions. Turkey knew they were but people were supposed to follow them anyway. He jumped into the air, dove at them, and secreted tryptophan from his mouth into the Titans' faces. They became drowsy and passed out. Turkey prepared to stuff them next. Robin intervened and stated he thought the President was doing a great job. The Turkey flipped out and recoiled in pain.

The trees released the Titans. Turkey declared Robin was out of his mind. Robin jammed a duck into his beak then jammed a chicken into the duck's beak and kicked them into the oven. The oven exploded and Turkey emerged as a Turducken, a total abomination. Robin readied his staff and whacked him outside into the ocean. Robin bid him to enjoy his watery grave then returned to the dinner table. The Turkey found his statement pretty dark then was pulled underwater. He later surfaced.