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Real Identity: Tara Markov
Appearances: Terra-ized, Be Mine, Rocks and Water, I'm The Sauce, Accept the Next Proposition You Hear, Operation Dude Rescue: Part One, Operation Dude Rescue: Part Two, The Titans Show, Lication, and TV Knight 2
Powers/Skills: Earth Manipulation
Voiced By: Ashley Johnson

Terra is a villainess who used Beast Boy in an attempt to gain access to all of the Teen Titans' secrets in order to sell them to the highest bidder in the villain world with an unrevealed partner. Beast Boy was smitten with Terra and obliged her, believeing she was his girlfriend (but that's not the word she would use). He gave her the Titans Tower security codes. Terra then insisted on schematics of the Tower's defense capabilities. Robin caught her at the Titan computer looking at a classified file and initiated a lockdown. Beast Boy intervened and cleared things up. Raven was still suspicious of Terra but the others believed she was just jealous.

Beast Boy then suggested Terra be a new member of the Teen Titans. Robin would only accept her if she passed a series of tests conducted by him, which turned out to be him jumping from small hiding places throughout the tower. Terra fooled Beast Boy into showing her to the tower's secret lair and transfering the Teen Titans' files onto her flash drive. After one of Robin's tests went wrong, he rendered himself, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven unconscious. Terra tied them up and hung them from the roof but Beast Boy was heartbroken she was leaving without telling him. Raven broke free of her restraints and battled Terra before she could destroy everyone and the tower with a giant boulder. Raven opened a portal and banished Terra to another dimension where the Titans dump their trash.

For the next six months, Terra obsessed with getting revenge on the Titans and would routinely be covered in chili. On Valentine's Day, Raven revealed to Cyborg where Terra was. Cyborg soon accidentally told Beast Boy. Beast Boy tricked Raven into opening a trash portal and threw rope down. Terra climbed her way out and broke into a facility to assemble a Power Amplifier. She accepted an invitation from Beast Boy to attend a dance, intending on destroying the Titans. She opened a fissure and planned to banish the Titans to the center of the Earth then kill Beast Boy last. Beast Boy, however, wooed her with a song he wrote for her. While she was distracted, Raven destroyed her Power Amplifier and dumped back into the trash dimension. Beast Boy fell in and began licking the vegetarian chili that landed on her head.

Beast Boy continued to play his song over and over to a point that he ruined it for Terra. At some point, both left the trash dimension. She began dating Aqualad. Desperate to see her, Beast Boy left a voicemail on her cell phone. Enraged, Terra flew to the Titans Tower and knocked everyone to the island shore with a boulder. She demanded Beast Boy to leave her alone and revealed Aqualad was her new boyfriend. Out of regret, Beast Boy and Raven teamed up to make their exes jealous and break them up. Along with Starfire and Robin, they went on a triple date. Aqualad and Terra were stunned at Beast Boy and Raven's chemistry. Aqualad was appalled when he realized the calamari Terra was eating was Mr. Belvadere, the squid who raised him. They made up and left. Raven and Beast Boy continued to sabotage their relationship by framing the other. During an underwater orchestra, they crushed an octopus in the band with a boulder. They switched Aqualad's portrait of Terra with a fish. Terra broke into tears and ran away exclaiming she would never be a fish.

The next day, tensions were high. They finally broke up when they were hit with a pebble and fish respectively. They discovered Beast Boy and Raven were behind it. They argued about destroying Beast Boy and Raven with a boulder or a shark and realized they only had hatred in common with each other. Terra countered she hated them longer and should be the one allowed to kill them. They made a compromise and agreed to summon both then part ways. Beast Boy turned into gorilla and punched them off their rides then they fell through a trash hole opened by Raven. Terra later helped the Titans cheer up the sad cloud raining on Jump City with a game of Head's Up Seven Up for chocolate milk. She went to a local mall with Jinx. As they went upstairs on an escalator, Cyborg passed by them on the escalator down. He winked at them.

Terra was banished back into the trash hole again. After Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy were captured by the Brain, Raven and Starfire recruited Jinx and Ravager. They went to the trash hole to find Terra last. She launched a boulder at them but Raven shattered it then conjured a shield. Raven asked for her help in exchange for freedom. Terra bluffed disinterest but Starfire called her on it. She agreed to help but plotted revenge while pretending to be cold. Terra enjoyed Jinx's dancing as she took out the Brain's security system and vowed to use her moves as she danced on the Titans' graves but then claimed she said she was looking forward to the milkshakes. Unknown to the others, Terra tipped off the Brain to their plans as part of her revenge. Raven tasked Terra with taking down the giant metal door. She couldn't make a dent in it with her initial attack. Ravager suggested they toss her back in the trash hole. Terra was enraged, covered herself in rock armor known as the Terrarizer and knocked the door down by imagining it was Ravager's face.

The Brain trapped the girls in a force field designed specifically to counteract their powers. Terra didn't care about being imprisoned, too, since it was an upgrade compared to the trash hole. She became annoyed when everyone started arguing. Raven admitted she formed the team not to free Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy but because she wanted to hang out with some cool chicks for a change. Terra was surprised Raven thought she was cool except for the revenge thing. Terra believed it was out of her system for the time being. They combined their powers and attacked the field at once, overloading it. They fought and took down the Brain next. The boys were still acting weird from their newfound chivalry. Terra insisted they let them open the cell door because of all the trouble they went through. The girls all went out of milkshakes instead. After Starfire took part in the shareconomy, she rented out her whole costume. Terra rented it all.