The Source

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Real Identity: The Source
Affiliations: Mega Meaty Meat
Appearances: Employee of the Month Redux
Powers/Skills: Duplication
Voiced By: Scott Menville

The Source is an alien leader that resembles tofu in appearance. His fleet of ships arrived on Earth in search of its fuel source, cows. In place of the stolen cows, The Source opened a Mega Meaty Meat chain and used nofu excreted from his body to serve as a meat-free substitute sold as various meals. Once the mother ship was fully fueled, the Source planned to leave Earth then blow it up. Beast Boy incidentally took a job at Meaty Meat and learned the truth. He punched out the manager, Meaty, kidnapped the Source, and drove off in the Employee of the Month award, the Takayama 3000 moped. The Source mocked Beast Boy at every turn but watched helplessly as his fleet was destroyed one by one. While Beast Boy was explaining his ordeals to the other Titans, Cyborg ate The Source.